Monday, November 11, 2013

Worth the Wait!

So you just found out your pregnant and the due date seems,like, forever away.
You discovered the sex of your baby and picturing the little one makes you want more time to do the baby room right.
Sleeping is becoming uncomfortable but you like the way your body looks truly feminine now. Staying this way would be nice for a while. 
                             You're the center of attention-in a good way-for once. Life is wonderful.

You're HUGE. Those feet of yours are swollen and achy. That once-cute-butt behind you now resembles 
2 overgrown sacks of potatoes.It's hard to tell your ankles from your thighs. You just know that people can't tell for sure if you're with baby or maybe you've been to Sweet Frog once too many.

 Heartburn, acne, sore boobs-when will this end????

It's funny how pregnancy can mimic labor in an odd sort of way. It's exciting, unknowable and strange.
You're thrilled because "Finally! I'm pregnant!" & "Finally! The baby's coming!"

Both processes share similar progression of emotions: impatience... pain...agony...'I'm going to die!' you've never known.

(Of course, this is not an exact replica of all pregnancies and/or births. Blah, blah blah. I hear you keeping it to yourself right about now, and I thank you.)

For me, being a Labor Assistant is so wonderful because I am blessed to witness the growth-the becoming-of each mother as she travels through the land of gestation and its challenges and rewards. If it's her first then I know she's totally unaware of how much she will be changed from this process, and I am more than thrilled for her and her family. Nothing has the ability to transform you like carrying another human being inside of you and being responsible for that life. And, if you believe in God, then the whole deal is even sweeter because you know that this child, this gift from Heaven, is just that- a heavenly gift. 

For God to entrust that little soul to us to love and hug and clean and kiss and disciple is a responsibility that, I'm sure, no one in their right mind would willingly sign up for. At least not until they've already done it once, because we're fools after that first time. And we're fools in love. And only when we allow ourselves to trust in God and understand that we here on Earth know nothing..........then we get just a glimpse of Him and His Purpose for us. 

                                                  Ok. Off track a little I think. I keep doing that....

All that waiting and pain and lack of rest and exuberant love spills out furiously once that new child makes it's first cry. Definitely worth it. I would go through all of it again just to hold one more baby from my own womb. I don't care if it was natural, dulled with pain killers or a cesarean- your beloved little you is here and finally it's complete. How precious are you, dear mother. Hold on. Wait patiently.

                                               You still have puberty to go through, after all.  

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