Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My ADHD Ode to Autumn

Where I come from, it's pronounced winner. Apparently, winner is not accepted everywhere, like American Express. The local folks 'round these here parts enunciate each letter. It just seems to roll right off their tongues. Or, as we say in Philadelphia, tungs. That time of the year when wooder turns to ice.

         So, anyways, winTer is coming and, if today is any indication, coming quickly! It's dang cold here in Central Pa.! I know it is November, but for some reason, (self medical diagnosis: Seasonal Apprehensional Laziness), every year I FORGET how cold 'cold' is. Relatively speaking, that is. Please- no need to school me about the ratio of cold to bone from those of you who live in actual freezing regions of this here United States. And stop the stories of how tough you are because you can still manage a normal life in sub-arctic weather. Grocery shopping in 6ft high drifts with 3 toddlers strapped to your back only because you're carrying the dog & kitty in front with a hot pizza, again. You stink.

I love Fall. Not The Fall, mind you. You know, the one where Satan decided he could do better without the Lord and all that horribleness. I hate that one. No fun in that. I'm talking about Autumn!! That Fall. And not just because it's beautiful, or just perfect for that jacket you bought last year for super cheap off-season, or because Thanksgiving is beckoning. 

But because everything is appearing to die off. That's where the beautiful comes from- you see it in the leaves and on the forest floor.Even stepping on them and hearing the crunchy sound of their leaf-bones delights children of all ages. It's beautiful the way the magical woodland creatures gather their berries & hide their nuts because if they don't, then they will starve to death.  I know, I know. 'What's so beautiful about things dying?' How can Death be beautiful when it's terribly sad? Soon those crimson leaves will be soggy and mashed up under our tires or choking our gutters, and the trees, who will be naked in the frigid air, are going to be begging for even a light sweater of snow. Bare, frozen, painfully chilly-quite morose actually.

                 So, I'll bet now you are expecting a Faith-Tie-In of sorts.A sermon to remind us of the cycle of life. 'Ok, everything dying off is beautiful because God makes all things new.' Or 'When we die to blah-blah-blah...blabbity blah blah.'  No! I find Autumn beautiful with the world seemingly dying off because.................................

                                   Then I can stay in the house & wear fat pants all day long.
                                                                           (seems legit.)

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