Monday, September 9, 2013

When You Poison The Dog (Accidentally!)

                                               This is my dog. Oh, and there's the cat.
                                                    (The cat stories will have to wait.)

Poor Isabella. Or as I've called her at times: Dog. Pretty simple and to the point. After all, dogs aren't my thing. They're not my 'cup of tea' nor the welcoming face I long to see at the end of a hard day. Dogs smell and they bark and they pee on the floor (a lot) and they just aren't cuddly like kitty kats. And they smell.

But our Isabella is turning out to be quite another story. She might just make it here in our little rowhome in South Central Penciltuckey. (Sound it out.) You see, the kids got her for their daddy for Father's Day last year: "So cute Mommy! She has a curly tail, Mommy! She looks like a sausage Mommy!" Part Pug, part Terrier-somethin'. Cute. Small. Little poops. Deal.
      But then Daddy divorced Mommy and LEFT the dog. Sometimes, I didn't know which was worse. I know you think that sounds bad...because it does. Who cares, it's my story.
Anyhoo, so now she's mine, as the kids remind me EVERY DAY. How lucky we are to still have her...yup....lucky ducky doggie.
Naturally then, the Dog gets fleas. And, being a small dog, I resist the Frontline and knock-offs because I care about this dog now. So we fight with essential oils, among other things. And it was a tough battle for a bit there. Until the other night when I ACCIDENTALLY poisoned the Dog. Yes. Me. It was horrible.(It was a long day and I am one tired mama!) I woke up in a panic because I realized I used straight Tea Tree Oil on her topically, instead of her usual treatment. The bottles were so easily confuse-able!! So I woke up to a dog that was half paralyzed and had hypothermia.
         Have you ever ever poisoned your dog? Your childrens' dog?? Let me tell you-it's not a good thing to do. These kids would need years of therapy after this, on top of everything else! I called Animal Poison Control ( )  and those people wanted $39 before you could even speak to someone. What???So, instead I googled the crap out of Tea Tree toxicity to dogs and was mortified to find out that most dogs her size slip into a coma and never wake up...............................
                                                            But this one did.

I immediately gave her a bath with Miracle Soap, because boy-did I need a miracle. (It's actually wonderful stuff. Find it here: )Then, after wrapping her in warm towels, I used a syringe to shoot activated charcoal-laced water into her mouth. She was so weak at first, but eventually she was able to drink from my hands. She slept for a loooong time.
  That was 2 days ago. This morning, when I came downstairs to check on this little doggie that I love now so much, she was back to her old self. She had already pooped on the floor and her tail was thumping like crazy. She was barking at neighbors and playing -eat-your-thigh with the kitty again. She's been running all day, in fact. You would never know that I almost killed her stone cold in the last 48 hours. Praise God for this miracle. She should, by all accounts, be dead. I read that even 10-15 drops can kill a dog this size. And poor Isabella, I must have rubbed in 25-30 some odd drops deep into her legs! Yikes!

      But, I guess she's meant to be here with us. She's obviously not going anywhere soon.

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