Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Friday Night Lights OUT

I am not a football mama.

I feel kinda weird saying it out loud, and perhaps it's a goofy thing to even have to put out there, but there are too many mothers that seem to know their way around the whole 'high school football' thing. And I admit I am somewhat intimidated.

The kids did a card blitz tonight. I had no idea in heaven what that meant and when I asked-the answer I got-with rolling eyes from other moms - was "Um, they sell cards." ??????? Hello...................still lost.....................

AND this was after I waited an hour and a half for my boy to finish practice in the 93 degree heat because I read his schedule WRONG. And this horrible mother, yes, I blamed my son for it. Geesh.................I am that mom at times. Yes.

       I apologized, of course.

Maybe being one of only 2 homeschoolers involved in public school football makes it awkward. Maybe it's the fact that I still can't stand the whole jock thing. But yet, I love being able to drive home that one kid that is our neighbor who would be forced to walk the 2 miles home otherwise. I love seeing my boy with his gear on. And the tired excitement that adorns his face every day I pick him up. And I love being able to pray with him every morning alone on our way to the stadium.

Tomorrow is the Booster Club's annual Potluck Dinner. I can't say I'm excited, but I can tell you that I am nervous. I feel just like I used to back in high school when everyone was buzzing about the football game that night, but yet I wouldn't go because I didn't know anything about anything. But now I am forced to attend because my son is playing freshman year football. Gee, thanks big guy. And with not being married anymore, I have no one to hide behind.

Don't get me wrong. I love my handsome boy and will do anything for him. Even including attending whatever football activity he needs me to. With a proud smile on my face.

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