Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Everyday Nothingness

     The sun comes up. The sun goes down. Somewhere in between those 2 great events miraculous things are supposed to occur. Reading too many blogs-a full harvest of opinions and drama and intellectual teachings-can sometimes lead one to believe that without a great happening, then life just was so.......ordinary for you......

       I kinda like  ordinary. Some days. I don't often feel pushed to achieve because of others, I know when to move and when to sit. Usually. Ok, I'm lazy at the core. Seriously lazy. Which is why I do read too many blogs. Because it requires almost no brain power to keep sucking words in day after day....But do all those people really do all those things they advertise?

   Who cares. Where was I even going with all this?? I forget...because I'm lazy, remember?

 Anyhoo, today I had one of those days where even though I went to a lot of places, talked to plenty of people, took care of my children-fed them even!-worked a part time job, walked the dog, paid a parking ticket that wasn't mine, had coffee with friends and perhaps I even vacuumed, I did all these things but still felt like I accomplished NOTHING. Ever have that? Drives me nuts. Is it just a female thing? I've never heard a man complain about that kind of thing. In fact, that would be weird.
                                         Weird like this random picture of a BLT sandwich.

  So today I claim that my day was filled with the usual everyday nothingness. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing miraculous. Not even anything remotely creative. Ahhh......But, I can say that in all the average-ness, I did love. And listen. And help. And encourage. And those are often the most perfect days. Praise God.

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